Below is a PRELIMINARY PLAN for our next big project, a SENSORY GARDEN. This garden will enable all sections of the community to observe the signals sent out by plants - perfume, colour, shape,surface coverings, movement. Animals, including humans,  respond to such signals. Have a look at the plan and send in suggestions for improvements, or places to find our funding, This purpose built facility will benefit all the community but especially THE YOUNG AND THE DISABLED. We have already lodged some grant applications but need all the support we can get from the local community, and further afield, to make it happen as quickly as possible.

As a result of a generous donation from a local member of the community  and support form council we have been able to install our main paths and we are now deciding on the planning details and, of course, the planting of our sensory plants and the installation of other features.





Please consider supporting our efforts.